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Town of Amberg - Marinette County
38-002 Building Code #15

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GUIDELINES FOR BUILDING PERMITS: (permit term - 18 months)
Sanitary Permit for Septic or non-plumbing permit from Marinette County
Zoning Permit (if 1000’ of a lake or 300’ of a river) Marinette County: 715-732-7535
Parcel Number of property (see tax statement)
All Contractors Name and license/cert. number (Plumber & Electrician must be licensed)
2 Sets of Building Plans (must have wall bracing)
1 Site Plan Showing Setbacks (one dwelling per parcel)
Estimate of Total Building Costs
Type of Foundation and Heating System
Energy Work Sheets (Heat loss calculations-Usually provided by Heating Contractor)
Building Address
Deck or Garage square footage

SETBACKS: (measured from the overhang)
Town Roads - 63' from center of road or 30' from ROW which ever greater
County Highway- 75’ from center of road or 42' from ROW which ever greater
State Highway – 110' from center of highway or 50' from ROW which ever greater
Side Yards in Town Center – 3' sides with aggregate of 6'
Side Yards not in Town Center – min 8’ on each side with agg of 16’ between buildings


New Dwelling: (includes 7 inspections) 400 minimum sq. ft.
$350.00 plus .15 cents per square foot (finished)
33.00 State Seal
50.00 Electrical Inspection (New Service)

Manufactured Dwellings: (includes 3 inspections) 400 minimum sq. ft.
$200.00 plus .15 cents per sq. ft. for any construction
33.00 State Seal if applicable
50.00 Electrical Inspection (New Service)
Install per DSPS. 321.40 of State Building Code

Used Mobile/Manufactured Homes: (incl. 3 insp) $200.00 400 minimum sq. ft.
Sanitary permit required
Install per DSPS. 321.40 of State Building Code

Additions/Remodel: (includes 3 inspections)
Up to 600 sq. ft. $150.00 (add $50 if plumbing)
Over 600 sq. ft. $200.00 (add $50 if plumbing)

Attached Decks: $30.00
Attached Garages: $30.00

Raze/Removal – 30.00 see Town Clerk for permit if over 400 sq. ft. ($10.00)

Relocate Dwelling – (includes 2 inspections) $200.00 must have $5,000 bond &
1 million dollar PLI insurance
AND $10.00 town permit - see Town Clerk

Permit Renewal: 50% of original fee
Starting without a permit – 2x original permit cost per 15-1-11
Missed Inspections/Additional Inspections - $50.00 each
Plan Reviews, Early Starts, and Handicap ramps/Occupancy Permits – no charge

For any Town permits see the town Clerk PAT BOSHEN 715-759-5095

Check payable to: Nature’s Edge Inspection Agency or Jane Meissner 715-245-1708
Mail to: Jane Meissner W11954 Kitty Dell Circle Crivitz, WI 54114
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.