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Town of Middle Inlet - Marinette County
38-018 Ord. 16-12A

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GUIDELINES FOR BUILDING PERMITS: (permit term -  1 year)
Sanitary Permit for Septic Systems
Zoning Permit   (if 1000’ of a lake or 300’ of a river)  Marinette County:  715-732-7535
Parcel Number of property (see tax statement)
All Contractors Name and license/cert. number (Plumber & Electrician must be licensed)
2 Sets of Building Plans and 1 Site Plan Showing Setbacks (one dwelling per parcel)
Estimate of Total Building Costs
Type of Foundation and Heating System
Energy Work Sheets  (Heat loss calculations-Usually provided by Heating Contractor)
Building Address
Deck or Garage square footage

SETBACKS:   (measured from the overhang)
Minimum setback from any property boundary shall be 10 feet
Minimum setback from roadway: (whichever is greater shall apply)
All Roads - 63' from center of road  or 30 feet from right of way
U.S. Highway – 110' from center of highway or 50 feet from right of way
County Highway – 75' from center of highway or 42 feet from right of way
Per ordinance 6-12, every building intended for human habitations shall be erected on a permanent foundation (concrete slab, foundation wall, etc) and shall have a minimum of 720 square feet of living space.

COSTS:    (All fees except those with asterisks * are paid to Nature's Edge)

New Dwelling:   (includes 7 inspections)
1 per parcel
$350.00  plus .15 cents per square foot (finished)
33.00  State Seal
50.00  Electrical Inspection  (New Service)
* 75.00 Town Permit Fee  (payable to Middle Inlet)

Manufactured Dwellings:   (includes 3 inspections)
1 per parcel
$200.00  plus .15 cents per sq. ft. of site built areas
33.00  State Seal if applicable
50.00  Electrical Inspection (New Service)
*  75.00  Town Permit Fee (Payable to Middle Inlet)


Used Mobile Homes: (includes 3 inspection)
1 per parcel
*   75.00  Town Permit Fee (Payable to Middle Inlet)
30 days to remove old unit, must be manufactured in the last 10 years, minimum of 780 sq. ft. Of living space, tie downs and skirting mandatory and installed within 30 days, only to be used a dwelling

Additions:  (Includes 2-3 inspections)
$150.00 up to 600 sq. ft.    add $50.00 if plumbing
$200.00 600 sq. ft. and over    add $50.00 if plumbing
*   $35.00  Town Permit Fee (Payable to Middle Inlet)

Any accessory building: $50.00   (35/15)

Any deck/porch: $50.00   (35/15)

Canopy of vinyl, plastic tarp or canvas: no permit required.

Canopy of wood, metal, or solid cover: $50.00   (35/15)

Raze/Demolition: $25.00  Pay to Middle Inlet

Variance Fee: $250.00 Pay to Middle Inlet

Motor Homes (travel trailers, pop ups, fifth wheels): $50.00 annually  Pay to Middle Inlet

Starting without a permit – 2x original permit cost

Missed Inspections/Additional Inspections - $50.00 each

Plan Reviews, Early Starts, and Handicap ramps/Occupancy Permits – no charge

Check payable to: Nature’s Edge Inspection Agency or Jane Meissner 715-245-1708
Mail to: Jane Meissner W11954 Kitty Dell Circle Crivitz, WI 54114
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.